Getting Social offer a range of social media services that cover all your requirements

We have many years experience managing corporate social media accounts and can work with your business in a multitude of ways. From a basic review and report on your existing social media accounts, to a full strategy and plan incorporating other aspects of your business (marketing, PR, customer service, human resources etc).

We can train and manage your social media team; developing internal education, policies and procedures. We can analyse metrics, prepare management reports and show how social media can, and will, contribute to your business goals.

Social Media Account Set Up

We’ll review your requirements and advise which social media platforms will work best for you. We then create accounts, or edit existing profiles, and ensure your digital presence has consistent branding and messaging. We’ll advise how best to create engagement with your target market, increase website views or newsletter signups, and develop listening and monitoring solutions.

Social Media Account Management

A well-managed account will tell stories to potential customers while ensuring high levels of customer service. Ultimately we want to provide you, or members of your team, with the skills to manage your social media accounts. However, we’re happy to help manage accounts until your communications team is ready to take over then we will work alongside, giving direction on account management, developing strategies and creating content to grow your business.

Social Media Campaigns

When you want to launch a new product or get some extra attention for your latest news, we can devise a custom campaign to get the word out to your target audiences and prospective customers. We’ll manage budgets and accompany this with ongoing analysis of metrics and reports on ROI.

Social Media Training

If you want to improve your social media skills we can educate you, or your team, on how to succeed on the platforms which are right for your business. We tailor our training to suit you and can run short one-off courses or fit an ongoing training plan into an overall social media package. We work with individuals on personal accounts (including persuading your CEO why they should be on social media!); small business owners; and larger teams from any sized organisation.

Other Marketing Services

Our experienced and skilled team can also help with many other aspects of marketing, public relations or communications. Whether you need assistance developing strategies; managing media at your next event; or need an extra pair of hands to help implement the best tactics or write the next newsletter – speak to us to see how we can help.