Need help getting social?

Are you a business owner needing some assistance with your social media and other marketing tactics?
Or perhaps a busy manager trying to juggle one thing too many with never enough time to focus on marketing?

You probably already know that you really should be doing a bit more with your marketing, trying a little harder to get going on social media, or perhaps you’ve not sent a newsletter since… actually, you just cannot remember.

If you’re based in the Waikato then why not book a one-on-one session with Vicki who will come to your place, or even better… meet with you over coffee, for a personal review of the marketing, communications and social media requirements and possibilities for your business.

No need to sit through a long workshop or training course that tries to meet the needs of every different person in the room.
Our review and training session will be personalised to meet your specific needs and get you up to date with the action points and marketing tactics that will most benefit your business.

A minimum session time of one hour is required and costs start at just $125, not a lot when you consider the future benefit for your business, and you.

Get in touch to book a session or get more details.

Read client testimonials for Vicki.

Vicki’s has experience in all the major marketing and business growth disciplines including: strategy development, implementation and evaluation; online presence; stakeholder engagement; PR activities; event and campaign management; branding; media management; direct marketing; crisis and issues management; sales messaging and marketing collateral. Read more about Vicki here.

Can I help your business?
The answer is more than likely yes, but most especially if…
– You are looking for someone to review or update your marketing efforts
– You want to focus expenditure to gain the results you desire
– Your business would like advice on how to market its brand with confidence
– You would like a social media plan that aligns with your product and ideal customers
– You would like to work with a professional person (not an agency) that understands your business and will commit to adding value to it with their up to date knowledge, and experience of the marketing activities that work best.

If your company needs marketing or social media advice and you don’t know where to start – let’s talk!


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