How you can make your information go viral

Do you have access to large amounts of facts, statistics or other data that you’d love to share with your audience? Or does it make your eyes water when you think about churning out large reports full of interesting information but that you know will not be read?

A great way to share large amounts of data across multiple channels, including social media, is to create an infographic.

When data is transformed into small, colourful, and visually appealing, chunks of information, it becomes easy to digest and is more likely to be remembered. When these visual chunks of data are designed into an attractive and themed image, this information can then be easily shared, with the potential to go viral, and prove your brand’s position as an expert in your field.

Infographics can also reinforce your brand when you use colours that are consistent with your logo or branding. When published on your website and shared via social media and e-newsletters, a well-designed infographic will drive people to your site, also helping with Google rankings and SEO.

If you want to know more about these fun, engaging and very powerful creations, then here’s a useful infographic about…. INFOGRAPHICS !

infogImage via OneSpot

Stop sitting on that data.
Think about the unique connection you could create with your audience if you generated an eye-catching info-packed visual that had the capability to spread your brand as it goes viral throughout the internet.


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