Thanks for visiting our new website GettingSocial.co.nz.

Presumptions can be made that you are here for one of the following reasons:

  • You are a friend, or friend of a friend, of the person behind this venture and you were prompted and urged to visit (Great – that shows the power of word of mouth and networking!)
  • A contact of yours shared or liked something that lead you to this page (Fantastic – social media working as it should)
  • You are desperately in need of someone to help you with the social media accounts for your business (Welcome, come on in… you are definitely in the right place)
  • Hmmm… you are not quite sure how you arrived here but you’re still reading (Hello new friend. Slip off your shoes, get comfortable and read away. That’s what the internet is for!)

After being in the marketing and communications industry for many (many) years, the powerful influence of social media has always been a passion of mine and a major factor in a large chunk of work that I do. The two-way communications enabled by social media platforms has invigorated the industry I work in and hopefully many others too.

Time has worked wonders for social media.
The ‘passing phase’ has past and all around us there are statistics to prove the stupendous growth and acceptable of these new communication platforms.

Business owners and management have begun to embrace social media, however many misconceptions still exist.

Social media should be, and definitely has the power to be, a MAJOR part of your business, its communications and its customer service.

If  you’re not sure exactly how that can apply to your business, or you think you’ve tried it and not seen any results, I urge you to stick around to find out. Have a look through our site, read some more posts, or just get in touch and ask us. We can give you a run through of what we can do for you and how you can get more from social media.

Socially yours

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