Are you keeping up?

Hopefully you’re well aware of the expansive range of benefits that social media can have for your business, but  you may still find yourself at a loss as to why the style of posts that worked for you last month are now failing.

Many businesses settle into a tried and tested style of posting on their social media platforms. They know it’s good to ask questions, use engaging images, respond promptly to any comments…. however, they are baffled when their Facebook insights show a sudden drop in engagement and everything suddenly feels like it’s drifting apart.

The social media landscape changes at such a dramatic speed it can be hard to stay abreast of new functionalities and algorithm updates. Then consider that you have to multiply that by the number of different platforms your business has a presence on. This could be the reason that you were hesitant to get started on social media to start with…..

But please, don’t give up. Our job is to stay up to date with the changing world of social media so we can give you the best ongoing advice, tailored to suit your specific business requirements. Give us a call and we can review your accounts, discuss objectives and build you a social media strategy with clear and easy to follow actions. Then, provided you want us to, we stick around. We don’t disappear on you and leave you to swim alone in the murky waters of social media. We have a choice of packages available but the gist of it is that we can be on the other end of the phone, or meeting you regularly in person, to ensure you are constantly set up to achieve social media success.

If that sounds good to you then we look forward to talking to you soon.

Socially yours

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